Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The trailer

We picked up our trailer this weekend, thanks to my grandma and to my father for helping us build sides. Towing big logs wont' be a problem anymore. We are talking about putting a large hand crank winch on it. That will assist us with getting those large logs actually on the trailer.

After a lot of calculating, Cory and I realized we will need more wood for the walls. The piles just seemed so much bigger last fall. I guess there is just so much more waste than we thought. We are running out of time for cutting more trees down. So we got on the phone and called as many log home places we could find. Log home builders often have waste pieces when squaring up the corners. The waste pieces could be exactly what we need. They just need to be 12" long to fit into our wall. Most of the time these waste pieces are already dry and debarked, which is a plus for us since we are running out of drying time. Luckily, we found a log home builder willing to give up his waste ends to us. Again another wonderful person helping us out. So, this week we will be heading over with our new trailer to pick up a load of waste ends. I know Cory and I will be breathing easier when have enough wood in our hands. Let this be a lesson to us in the future.

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