Sunday, May 23, 2010

We built this shed

We built a shed. It's turn key ready for our stuff to move in! The shed was a great way to get some experience in building something. We even did the roof the same way we will do the roof on the cordwood house. A lot of valuable lessons were learned.

It sure feels good to have a completed project checked off the list. We are planning on covering the shed with a board and batten siding when we get the chance. (so sometime in the next couple of years)

Work has been keeping us busy for the last month and the building projects are keeping us even busier. A lot has happened. We received both are septic and building permits!! Yeah!! Also we should have power to the building site any day. The most exciting project was getting our dirt work done. You can see in the photo that the woods really greened up. It's a nice change.

When the dirt work guy was as the land Cory compacted a sand pad with rented power compactor. The soil on our land is full of boulders the first couple of feet down and then after that it is mostly sand and clay. So we had him dig a hole 6' deep to get us started for our sand point well. He dug the hole where the witcher found a vein.

Next we dug the footings. Our footings will be 8" thick to support the load of the heavy cordwood walls and the rest of the slab will be 3" thick.
Now that we are back to work, we can only work on the weekends. Rain or shine, bugs and all.

Our window and door frames were milled out for us by a local sawmill. Here is one of many sawmills this place has. The quality and the price is unbeatable. The frames are milled out of local white spruce. They also had free clean cedar sawdust for us. The sawdust will be used in the mortar mix. More on that later.Next... Our concrete slab!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peeling is History

Well we did it. We are done peeling, cutting, and stacking our wood!!!! It feels sooo good. Our pile of stacked cordwood is 172' feet long x 5' high x 1' deep. Those numbers equal 6.7 cords of wood. We calculated that we would need about 6 cords, so we are sitting comfortable now.
Above and below is all the cedar stacked up. Doesn't it look great.

This spring has been one of the driest on record. There has been extremely high fire danger in the area and we even had a fire close to the land. But we are not complaining of the warm and
dry weather for working and drying our wood. We finished the wood processing, got our piles stacked and covered, and then the rain came. We sure are lucky. A local guy in town had this tin for covering our piles and it works great.

Since all the wood was cut and stacked and it was raining, we took a couple of days off from the land. Cory found these on his days off. I think we will incorporate them into the house somehow.

Next in line is to start our dirt work for the concrete slab and get our right away cleared for power. We have also been working on an 8x12 stick framed shed but more on that later.