Monday, July 19, 2010

The Wall Volume II

We were working machines this past weekend. Thanks to all the help we made some real progress.
First thing we did was get the rest of the downstairs window frames in. They are really heavy. Good thing these guys could handle it without me, so I could take pictures;)
West window

Then the big south window.

We stuck an old moose paddle under the south window as a bird feeder.

Helpers showed up in numbers!! Plus we finally fired up that cement mixer. We did have some rain surprise us. Luckily we had the tarps ready to go and it was lunch time.

Well here is the product of all our hard work so far...

Next week... we're moving in!
No not really. Walls walls walls


  1. Did you had any problems with building codes etc about load bearing structure like this? I have a very similar house plan, but I have heard advices to stick with post and beam systems.