Thursday, November 4, 2010

And Then Your Done

Well not really. But we did officially move in Nov 2!!!! It was amazing to wake up in our own home, custom built by us (and a lot of friends and family).

Now details details details. Cory and I are both taking some R&R for about a week. I headed home to my parents for deer hunting. Cory is embarking on a wilderness deer hunt for a week too. Sorry no pictures this week. I just couldn't publish a picture of the pile of boxes/tools/everything we own. Stay tuned for those photos of our soon to be organized space that is our home.


  1. Know the feeling! Still lots to do on the cabin we bought here...but, all in due time. Glad to hear you're both taking a break, after'll have lots of cold days this winter to work on that inside detail. Got our new wood-burning insert in this week, test firing now, then have rock & masonry work to get the finished product. But already can tell it's much more efficient than the open fireplace.

  2. congratulations on your beautiful home. I have always loved cordwood construction. I want to build myself something small on a pay as you build plan. I am 51 years of age and I love organic gardening. Just learning and gleaning ideas. I'm looking for a few acres and want to be as kind and gentle on the earth as possible. Want plent.y of trees for a trusty woodstove. I hope to install solar panels for basic lighting, possibly internet connection. Looking forward to finding ground for my own lil homestead,even if only the outhouse, shed and garden come together the first year. I can possibly live in an RV or small insulated shed until I can build my santuary. I love to see others living their dream. Much happiness and many blessings to you and your family