Monday, August 23, 2010

Log Jammin

Weekends come and go so quickly. We took one big step over the past couple of weeks and put the loft floor joists in the wall. Of course with a little help.

The crane isn't even fully extended yet!

Joists waiting to be put in the wall.

Joist number one. Cory and I stood on ladders to guide the joists into the sweet spot. We screwed on some 2x material to prevent the straps from slipping. This process went really quick. I am really glad we hired him. It sure saved us a lot of sweat and tears.

We were battling off and on rain that day. Somehow it stopped raining at just the right time.

The rest of the weekend was spent building up the walls around the floor joists and working on the well. My father was around to work on the water situation. He thinks that we collapsed a pipe, broke a coupling, broke the sand point, or everything is fine. Either way we need to take the pipe out and take a look. Something just doesn't seem right. If we would have been thinking we would have had the crane guy yank it out. But we weren't. A number of attempts at getting the pipe out failed. Now we are at a stand still again with the water.

Another addition to the land happened. A chicken coop! Someone was looking to get rid of it and I was willing to take it off their hands. Free is a tough price to beat. Now I am set for next summer's chickens.
Here are the weekend end pictures from two weekends ago.

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