Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Matters

I love it when family visits me, especially when they want to help. One family member even traveled from NYC! Thanks for everything, we couldn't have had that much fun without you guys.
We worked on getting 4x6 peices set into the wall for our floor to rest on and just plain building up the walls. We are building up to 10 feet and we are soooo close.
Here they are working away. The youngest cordwood builders on our place so far!

Sunday I got sick and had stay home. Luckily a friend rescued us and took my place. Thanks MT! While I was at home sick Cory finished the last of the corners. Now all we need to do is build up the walls to them. Yeah!!!!! One maybe two weekends of cordwood left. Can you believe it.

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  1. Beautiful! I finally found something to add to the wall - I will send it to work with Scott. I have to admit that I am a little envious of the chicken coop, but Scott would probably prefer that you have it.